Botany Bay Fishing Trips

A day on the bay

Join Southern Sydney Fishing Tours for a great day fishing the birth place of Australia.
Captain James Cook sailed into Botany Bay in 1770
Botany Bay provides anglers with top fishing all year, your day will be spent targeting a wide range of species that call the bay home.
Spend a day fishing this great location and learning spots and methods along the way.
Botany Bay provides flat water fishing with calm conditions most days. Book a single spot and fish with new friends or book the boat for your own group seven days a week.

You can Book a Single Spot or Book as a group on all trips
Gift Certificates are available for all trips

Species we target:

  • King Fish turn up from October and are one species all anglers want to catch.
  • Bream fishing across the flats good all summer.
  • Surface action kicks off in October with Tailor, Salmon, Bonito and King Fish.
  • Spinning for Flathead on lures good all year in Botany Bay.
  • Trevally fire most of the year around and provide great sport on light tackle.
  • Salmon are a chance both summer and winter.
  • Squid Fishing summer or winter in Botany Bay.
  • Trolling over winter will produce big Tailor.

Reports and Upcoming Dates

Reef Fishing Fires
Reef Fishing Fires

A great weekend on the water for all anglers, Botany Bay fished well with Trevally, Bream, and Kings along with a few Flathead on Plastics. Sunday out wide on the Reefs off Coogee fished well for Snapper, Mowrong and Pig Fish all caught on salted Pilchards, Spots now open next Sunday the 14th to fish Deep sea. FISHING TRIPS COMING…

Fishing Trips this week
Fishing Trips this week

April and a great month to fish, Kings are still about and we we see a few better ones in the Bay from now on. Trevally are now a better size and the Bream are still fishing well wide from the runways. Spinning with lures from now on should see good Flathead caught in the Bay. Deep sea its now…

Great Weekend on the water
Great Weekend on the water

Well the weather played the game over the weekend, last week after the rain the fishing was great with Bream, Trevally and Salmon along the wall we also caught two Watson’s Leaping Bonitos, great to see. Small King are still about but numbers have thin out a little but this is normal as we move into the cooler months, now…

A Day on Botany Bay


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